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Ambuluwawa is a beautiful mountain with pleasant surprises galore, waiting for you! Make sure that you rate this amazing location on top of your must-visit places in your travel plan, when you stay in the majestic kingdom of Kandy, on your next visit to Sri Lanka.


How do you get to Ambuluwawa? 

Sitting pretty in the Central Highlands of Kandy District,  Ambuluwawa Mountain is located on ICC Road, a 5 kilometres from the rustic town of Gampola. It is a 13th century capital of ancient Sri Lanka, where you are bound to discover a wide choice of places to see.


Driving from the Kandy town, it is a 25.2 kilometres scenic drive to Ambuluwawa, reachable in less than an hour and fifteen minutes.

When you travel directly from Colombo it would be a rewarding cool drive of 85 kilometres through the expansive stretch of green paddies and lush valleys, gradually escalating into enchanting picturesque hillside to Kandy’s pride – the Ambuluwawa peak.


What’s so awe-inspiring about the Ambuluwawa Mountain?

Ambuluwawa Mountain has one of the highest peaks in Kandy at an altitude of 3,560 metres above sea level. A large area of its steep slopes are blanketed with a thick canopy of lush green forest cover.

If you are a first-timer, you are bound to be delighted to find a motorable road to drive you all the way up to the mountain top! Enjoy the mesmeric view of the surrounding misty mountains and valleys as you drive uphill.

Once you reach the top of the mountain you will encounter breathtaking scenery panning 360-degree perspectives. Expansive gardens, of fresh tea, rice paddy, vegetables and lush natural forest vegetation, stretch as far as the eye could see, in fifty shades of green.

In contrast, the clear skies, misty mountain peaks, bubbling rivers and waterfalls, heaven-sent rainbows over villages dotted with thatched houses, look like one of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces on canvas, come alive!

These are the divine visual aspects that even inspire poetry. The connoisseur in you would be at a loss for words to express. That’s the time to hold back a thousand words and capture the moment in a frame, for keeps! It’s a never-to-be-missed experience!

That’s not all this mountain has on offer.  There is a sacred Bodhi tree and three ponds, a stone park, a herbal garden and a water park, that date back to the historical times of Sri Lankan Kings.  There is also an immaculately landscaped garden patch beckoning you to take a quiet walk at sunset. There are more surprises just around the corner!


Ambuluwawa Trigonometrical Tower – a unique architectural masterpiece

The best part of the mountain is the must-experience Trigonometrical Tower, an architectural marvel that looks like nothing you have ever seen before, anywhere in Sri Lanka.

Ambuluwawa Tower is unique and looks somewhat conical, with a spiral stairway rising right up to a 48 metres from its base. Never forget it’s standing on a mountain top rising to an altitude of 3,560 metres above sea level!

Does it sound like ‘Jack and the bean stalk’ kind of story? That one is a fairy tale. But this one is for real. That is why this trigonometrical tower is nothing short of spectacular!

Did I hear a regular visitor to Sri Lanka saying “There’s always something unique to discover in Sri Lanka!” Well, this is it!


Sri Lanka’s first multi-religious sanctuary is right here on top of Ambuluwawa Mountain!

This amazing Ambuluwawa Mountain houses the first Multi-Religious Centre in Sri Lanka. You can see a temple, a kovil, a mosque and a church, all side by side.

This place consists of worship halls to suit the four main religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, that are intricately woven into the social and cultural fabric of Sri Lanka.


Ambuluwawa Tower is a great place for an adventure trek, if you are game for one

Its soul-satisfying for the visitors of Ambuluwawa to hike the spiralling stairway to the pinnacle of the Temple’s high rising Trigonometrical Tower to catch the 360-degree breathtaking view of the entire surroundings.

It’s best to climb it on a day with a clear sky, as you are bound to see a ring of high ascending mountain peaks, like that of Sri Lanka’s tallest mountain Pidurutalagala, Knuckles mountain range, Bible Rock and Adam’s Peak that surround  Ambuluwawa mountain.

If you decide to stay grounded, there is plenty of excitement atop Ambuluwawa Mountain. Just look round. The scenery by itself, is a treat. So, go on a clicking escapade.


Discover the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex to truly treasure the broadside of Ambuluwawa! 

This expansive mountain is under the purview of the Sri Lanka Government’s Wildlife Department, for obvious reasons. Yes, Ambuluwawa is a Biodiversity Complex of immense ecological value.

The Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex is home to green canopied corridors of over two hundred species of tropical trees, creepers and medicinal plants of great value. Less than half of these are flowering variety, which not only beautifies the enchanting forest but promises these species of plantlife, strength for longevity.

The thick forest complex is teeming with an impressive collection of wildlife and is home to over a hundred species including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and a whole host of colourful birds. It’s a true haven for wildlife and bird photographers.

Yes, Ambuluwawa is all about your exciting and memorable experiences in Sri Lanka!

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