1. Can tourists from any country come to Sri Lanka?
    • People from all countries are welcome unless otherwise specified.
  2. Do I need COVID-19 insurance?
    • Yes, you will need to pay A USD 12 for a 1 month cover of USD 50,000 offered by People’s Insurance PLC and it is a mandatory requirement when applying for your visa.
      Visit: www.srilanka.travel/helloagain for information.
  3. Should I provide a Health Declaration Form?
    • Yes. The completed Health Declaration Form (HDF) should also be submitted on arrival at the airport health counters and these HDFs will be given prior to boarding, on-board the flight or upon arrival. It can also be downloaded from
  4. What is the maximum number of attendees that can be accommodated for my event?
    • As per the current health and safety guidelines, 150 participants can attend for an event physically.
  5. Can I arrange an Incentive tour for my colleague / my client?
    • You can do incentive tours within the approved tourist sites. You can get the full list of tourist sites from www.srilanka.travel/helloagain website.
  6. Can I use all the hotel facilities?
    • Yes. Visitors can use all hotel facilities including gym, swimming pool, spa, etc.
  7. How can I get the necessary services (Sounds, Lighting and etc.) to manage my event?
    • The respective hotel will help you with arranging all the requirements relating to the event.
  8. What kind of services and support is available at SLCB for conventions?
    • The support is categorized into different areas.
    • 1. Pre-event – Bidding support
      Assist in preparing bid book, presentation and materials (if any), coordinate with related government agencies. assist with site inspections or selections. offer financial support to prevailing SLCB’s terms and conditions.
    • 2. Support for hosting confirmed meetings
      Assist with site selections and securing special venues, establish contact with local service providers, consult on marketing or PR activities to boost delegate numbers. liaise with related government agencies for special services, assist to design spousal programs, pre-and post-event tours, and special functions, offer special meet-and-greet services at the Airport for VIPs/VVIPs, offer financial support to prevailing SLCB’s terms and conditions.
  9. What kind of services and support is available at SLCB for Meeting & Incentives groups?
  10. Can foreign organizations, agents or DMCs apply for support from SLCB?
    • Can. As per the qualifying criteria, the foreign organization, Agent or DMC need to contact SLCB through the local DMC/Agent/Association.
  11. What is the minimum group size to qualify for support from SLCB?
    • At the normal scenario, no minimum group size is required. However, the type of support will be accorded based on factors such as profiles of event and delegates, length of stay, program, and group size.
  12. What DMCs can organizers work with?
  13. Do you help local event organizers?
  14. Why would I contact the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau?
    • Sri Lanka Convention Bureau (SLCB) being the government body incorporated under the Tourism Act No 38 of 2005 performs to place Sri Lanka internationally as a unique venue for MICE activities and to receive optimum revenue from MICE tourism to make a positive contribution to Sri Lanka’s economy through the creation of employment thereby uplifting the living standards of those engaged directly and indirectly in the ‘MICE Industry’ in Sri Lanka.
  15. Do I have to pay for advice or information from the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau?
    • No, Sri Lanka Convention Bureau is an independent organization and we do not charge any costs for advice and assistance.
  16. I wish to work with SLCB how do I do this?
    • If your organization or yourself is considering Siri Lanka for your next business event, simply contact us with your requirements at the following:Sri Lanka Convention Bureau
      4th Floor, Hotel School Building,
      No 78, Galle Road,
      Colombo 03,
      Sri Lanka
      +94114 865050
      +94112 472985
      🌐 meetinsrilanka.com
  17. What nationalities have tourist visa exemptions, and are permitted to stay in Sri Lanka for a period not more than 30 days without it?
    • Maldives, Seychelles & Singapore
  18. Is tourist Visa-on-Arrival, available in Sri Lanka at the movement?
    • At the movement, this service is suspended due to Covid 19 pandemic.
  19. Is Sri Lanka reputation for being expensive?
    • Meeting in Sri Lanka is not much expensive than other destinations around the world. There are different types of accommodations, restaurants and facilities in Sri Lanka which suits for your budgets. Also, many facilities and hotels offer special concessionary rates for meeting and event planners.
  20. What unique activities are available for meeting and incentive organizers in Sri Lanka?
    • Sri Lanka is a county where offers experiences of compactness, diversity and authenticity. An amazing variety of activities are available for groups visiting the country. For example, beaches, whale watching, cultural and heritage tours, domestic air plane transfers, arts and crafts, wellness, ballooning, cultural shows, diving, visiting national wildlife parks, shopping, waterfalls, and hiking trails, culinary experiences.
  21. I would like to visit the locations or hotels. How do I organize a site inspection?
    • Experience the country for yourself? Sri Lanka is happy to take you on a journey of discovery. Please send us your request with your wishes and we will be happy to provide an assistance for you.
  22. I want to book a hotel in Sri Lanka. How can I find?
  23. I don’t know anything about Sri Lanka, how do I find a MICE venue?
  24. I am a journalist; how can I get more information on Sri Lanka?
    • Sri Lanka Convention Bureau’s is ready to provide a wealth of useful news stories, facts and figures, quotes and stunning imagery to help you develop and promote stories about Sri Lanka. For more information, Please drop an email to mktslcb@srilanka.travel

4th Floor, Hotel School Building,
No 78, Galle Road,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka


+94114 865050
+94112 472985
🌐 meetinsrilanka.com

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