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Must try Souvenirs in Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is one of the most important countries in the world for Gems and Jewellery without considering its small size. The country is the ninth-largest exporter of Precious stones to the global market. Among the world celebrated gems varieties, Sri Lanka is home for Ceylon Sapphires, Rubies, Padparadscha and Moonstones. Sri Lanka is excelling in mining, faceting and supplying of nearly 75 types of Gemstones to the Global market. The country has been named as the “Rathna Deepa” due to the long association with precious stones. you can purchase High quality Jewellery studded with natural Gemstones from the lslandwide shops which are approved by the National Gems and Jewellery Authority.


Sri Lanka is the only supplier of true Ceylon Cinnamon to the world. Today, Sri Lanka is a leading exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Pepper, Ceylon Cloves, Ceylon Nutmeg and Ceylon Cardamom. All the spices are branded under the geographical indication of Ceylon Spices due to their unique aroma and flavour shaped by the terroir of the country. The above products are exporting in primary form, value added form such as gift packs, branded retail packs and powder form. Sri Lanka Known as the Spice Island and You must try Ceylon spices.


Sri Lanka is one of the most well-known countries produce tea and exports more than eighty countries. The year 2017 marked 150 years of Ceylon tea and has long history for tea. The first tea bushes were planted in 1867 by James Taylor in Kandy district. Ceylon Black tea, Ceylon Green tea & Ceylon White tea are world famous due to high quality and flavor. Tea is always associated with numerous health benefits. The ‘Lion Logo’ in the packages of the tea has a greater value and monitored by Sri Lanka Tea Board. Lion logo depicts as ‘Pure Ceylon Tea’ – packed in Sri Lanka’. You can buy world famous tea brands from Sri Lanka and this is a must try during your visit in Sri Lanka.


Ayurveda is the highly popular art of healthy living, which has transcended all cultures. It is formed from the root words of Ayu (life) and Veda (science); being one of the oldest forms of medical science, today it has gained wide popularity amongst consumers worldwide. Sri Lanka Ayurvedic beauty industry meets where natural ingredients, traditional knowledge and new technologies to develop the products.
Sri Lanka produces a range of Ayurveda and Herbal products including, herbal cosmetics and beauty products, herbal health supplements, and over the counter Ayurveda medicines. The process of producing the herbal products from the stage of sourcing, production & storage are strictly monitored by the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation & the Cosmetic Evaluation Subcommittee (CESC) and Sri Lanka.


Brassware is a unique traditional industry in Sri Lanka with Sri Lankan identity. It has long history. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc and it is very malleable and by varying the proportion of the two ingredients brass of different colors can be produced. Yellow color brass is the most popular color in Sri Lanka. Among the items available in Sri Lanka are oil lamps, vases, trays, jewellery boxes, candle holders bowls, betel holder, letter openers and bottle openers.


Sri Lanka is being of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean has many attractiveness to offer for the tourists. Among the attractions, Sri Lanka is very famous for Masks. This is a unique and traditional industry in the country. Ambalangoda is the city in Southern Part of Sri Lanka is most popular for the Mask carving. Masks can be divided into several categories depending on their uses. Some masks are used during ancestor worship, certain spiritual rituals and healing ceremonies. The Mask Museum is situated in Ambalangoda is another attraction for those who are interested in this. All masks that are on display and for sale in Sri Lanka have been patiently hand carved with unique designs and painted in vibrant colors which depicts the traditional inheritance.


The Sri Lanka weaving industry has a long history nearly three thousand years back and showcase Sri Lanka’s handloom depicts the rich heritage and cultural diversity and technologies. In Sri Lanka, there are around 10,000 handloom manufacturers are clustered in different parts of the Island. The industry caters to the export market include bold coloured garments, Handloom bridal sarees made with silk and polished cotton, kaftans, curtains, handloom bags, soft toys and hand-woven rugs and tapestries. During your shopping tour in Sri Lanka, there are leading handwoven outlets will provide best bargains for you.

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