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Experience True Incentives

Immerse yourself in an Elysium with sun-kissed golden beaches, turquoise waters. misty hills and lush tropical jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna.
Journey to the past, as you walk through magnificent ancient ruined cities, and learn Of a history that dates back more than 2500 years. The beguiling architecture, sculpture and art of these ancient cities reveal the existence Of a civilization advanced in engineering and culture Also witness the spectacle Of vibrant religious festivals and pageants.
Colombo, ttte bustling metropolis, is also the modern commercial hub Of the island, *'ith five-star hotels, shopping malls and restaurants as well as international fast-food franchises to visit.
Visit Sri Lanka and discover that the country is more than a destination; it is an experience!


Just a few hmars drive from the ancient cities, regal fortresses and palaces stand as testament Of truly glorious past. The historical ruins of Anuradhapura. polonnaruwa. Sigiriya. Kandy are breathtaking vestiges of the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka.
While in the ancient city of Sigiriva. a special royal banquet could be arranged, where participants could re-live the spectacle of ancient stately feasts, while costumed in traditional regalia and enjoying local delicacies; a meal very literally fit for a King. Moreover, during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year season. festive events which included a host of exciting indigenous games. such as Kotta pora (pillow fights). Ellav (an indigenous form of baseball) and climbing the grease-pole, could be organized in the Kandvan kingdom. This Bakmaha (April) harvest festival celebrates the bountiful crops of the season with an abundance of delectable sweetmeats. all of which will be spread out in a mudhut for participants to indulge in.
The local religious festivals and processions are always a vibrant riot Of colour and light. The Vesak festival in May illuminates the island With lanterns and brilliantly lit displays.
Participants could put their creativity to the test in Vesak Koodu (lantern) contests, building land decorating lanterns which will illuminated at the end of the day. After prizes are awarded, in keeping with the tradition, a meal will be dished out in a specially erected dansala. Furthermore, in July/August, the Kandy perehera comes alive as a spectacular pageant of sound, colour and fire, with dozens of magnificently ornamented elephants, fire eaters, dancers and drummers.


Sri Lanka offers you a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a resort for your stay.
From sun-kissed beaches on the southern coastline, to rolling hills cloaked in tea bushes, or terraced paddy fields, Sri Lanka is an exotic blend of tropical climes, geographically separated by just a few hours. Wild life enthusiasts can enjoy a safari at the Yala Wild Life Reserve, where deer, elephants and leopards roam, or trek through the Sinharaja rainforest which is home to several species of endemic flora.
In addition to camping and safaris, exciting outbound activities can be arranged in these regions. These include tea-plucking contests and tea-country bike safaris in the hills, which also offer one the opportunity to enjoy a cuppa and high tea at the end of the day.
While on the beach, a 'Coconut Carnival' could be organized. Participants dressed in local attire take part in activities revolving around the coconut palm, such as coconut husking, palm tree climbing and palm leaf weaving contests. The day ends with a grand seafood spread, together with fresh toddy, coconut curries and desserts served on the beach, lit by coconut lamps and spiced with local entertainment.
Other incentives within the interior of the Island include Diya Keli (water games), which range from Diya Regina (river queen) beauty contests where female visitors compete dressed in diya reddas (water cloths), to paaru races, where visitors could race each other on bamboo river rafts. All these activities are complemented by fabulous barbeque that includes fresh river fish, honeyed Vedda style game and spicy local dishes, Participants sit around camp fires, or join in baila dances and a sing-song after the meal.


For shoppers, The Duty Free Shop at the Colombo International Airport is a paradise, while the major shopping complexes, such as Liberty Plaza, Majestic City and Crescat City, offer a wide range of consumer items.
When it comes to clothing and accessories, major department stores in Colombo offer many international designer labels, which are locally manufactured, at bargain prices.
Furthermore, most hotels feature shopping arcades where exotic Sri Lankan gems certified by the National Gem Authority, as well as gold jewellery, could be purchased. In addition, the many jewellery shops and gem dealers in the island offer exquisite jewellery in modern or traditional designs. Outlets specializing in ethnic artefacts, handloom garments and gift items are abundant throughout the island. For the best bargains in town however, one only has to step onto the streets, where pavement hawkers offer a wide range of items and artifacts at low prices.
There are boundless options for dining out in Colombo and key resort areas, ranging from fine dinging at theme restaurants in the hotels and a variety of international cuisine in specialty restaurants, to food courts in shopping complexes and theme parks. For a quick bite, international fast-food franchises, such as McDonald's, KFC, Domino's Pizza & Pizza Hut, have branches around the Colombo metropolis and Kandy. In addition, specialty dessert and coffee franchises such as II Gelato, Mövenpick, Delifrance, Quicky's and Barista Coffee are also available. One could even sample the spicy local favourites in any of the wayside 'eating houses', which serve steaming meals throughout the day.
Colombo comes alive at night through to the wee hours with its many pool parlours, karaoke bars, casinos, pubs, and clubs. Other than the cinema, Colombo boasts an active theatre scene, with performances of symphony orchestras, musicals as well as experimental theater. Likewise, rock events and jazz afternoons are also popular during the weekends.


Sports enthusiasts can avail themselves of the extensive range of outdoor sports activities Sri Lanka has to offer. With the advent of eco-tourism to the island, more adventure sports activities and tours are being offered, ranging from white water rafting, mountain climbing and boat expeditions, to wild life safaris jungle trekking and camping.
Apart from the main coastal resort region, south of Colombo, the island is also home to a variety of exciting theme hotels, ranging from hotels with a distinctive Kandyan theme, to eco- conscious hotels that seamlessly blend with the jungles, to hotels in a tea factory settling. Some resorts even take on the guise of a traditional Sri Lankan village, with individual hut-style chalets, complete with a laundry pick-up bye the bullock cart.


Being a tropical island, Sri Lanka possesses a bountiful variety of succulent fruits, vegetables and exotic seafood, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Continental and Arabic cuisine are also available in many of Colombo's restaurants.
All Sri Lankan hotels take pleasure in pampering their guests and also provide local delicacies and entertainment by way of 'Theme Nights' such as 'Sri Lankan Night' and 'Fisherman's Village".

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