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Since the accidental discovery of tea by Chinese royalty, exotic White Tea had been served in the imperial court as a royal tradition, particularly due to its extraordinary health benefits.

In Sri Lanka, a tea factory located in Galle, strategically adopts the sacrosanct imperial tradition in its manufacturing process, producing the most expensive teas in the world. Pure Ceylon White Tea, the estate’s flagship product is a unique, delicately fruit-scented and honey-coloured ‘health beverage par excellence’, holding intense fascination for the world’s most exclusive Tea Salons.



Typical of Galle’s geographical mystique, Handunugoda White Tea estate rises from the coastal Coconut plantations, elevating to enchanting Rubber cultivations, escalating to scenic Cinnamon and Pepper gardens, peaking to heights of 2500 metres to reach the lush White Tea gardens. Up here, there is so much more to explore, discover and experience!

Whispers away from the lush rainforest region, this estate is a safe haven for a rich diversity of tropical fauna and flora. Be pleasantly surprised to spot peacocks, monkeys, porcupines and mouse deer freely meandering through the tea bushes.

The plantation is maintained free of chemical pesticides or insecticides, not to disrupt this natural phenomena.



At an altitude of 2500 metres, the tea garden is caressed by the salty ocean breeze, refreshed by the lush rainforest environs and enriched by fertile soil. Thus richly natured by nature, the small and unopened silver tea buds delicately wrap a sacred, fruit-scented, distinctly rare tangy piquancy.

The prospect of being the only tea estate closest to the sea is probably the most hallowed secret, giving Pure Ceylon White Tea its singularly distinct flavour to tickle the taste buds of discerning tea connoisseurs patronizing elite global tea salons.


It takes this White Tea producer a mountain of expertise, innovation, creativity and incredible endurance to go through a delicate yet tedious process, to offer the world that distinctively exquisite sip of Pure Ceylon Virgin White Tea exclusively from Sri Lanka!

The fully equipped and functional Handunugoda tea factory is a ‘living tea museum’ in itself. Limited to an annual season, the designer-formula of harvesting an ‘imperial pluck’ of Virgin White Tea without direct human touch, is a slow and costlier technique than any other tea manufacturing process. Earning the premium price consistently at the competitive global tea auctions is a celebration of its true value.


The ‘Imperial Pluck’ is a rare art unique to this estate. Before sunrise, each gloved hand yields 160 grams a day, of rare buds of small and unopened ‘Silver Tips’ with silvery hairs and places them in a silky pouch to retain its dew-laden freshness.

The fresh tea buds are rolled by soft-gloved hands to create thin curved silver tips and is spread over black flannel-lined trays to wither-and-dry to ‘perfection’ under filtered natural sunlight, before being packed under stringent quality control.

It takes 5 kilograms of ‘Silver Tips’, to produce just one kilogram of Pure Ceylon White Tea, epitomizing the true value of natural goodness and stringent quality standards employed in creating this élite flagship product.


The natural goodness of Pure Ceylon White Tea has been recognized for countless health benefits endorsed by research. It has been proven to possess the ‘highest levels of naturally occurring anti-oxidants in any beverage.

Research has endorsed that invaluable rich substances in Pure Ceylon White Tea reduces any signs of early aging and helps in losing weight, while reducing inflammation which is the root-cause for most ailments and more importantly, aiding in the prevention of heart and neurodegenerative diseases.


When you participate in the guided tour of Handunugoda White Tea Factory in Galle, famed for its distinctively unique operational system, you will not only discover the secrets of white tea production process but also have the authentic firsthand experience ‘from brewing to tasting the supremely delicate tea,’ an incredible experience in itself.

Be privileged to direct-purchase garden-fresh Pure Ceylon White Tea, which is exclusively sold in fashionable tea shops of the world. Take home your extraordinary travel story and the world’s ‘most exquisite’ Pure Ceylon White Teas, to gift or share with loved ones, as an impressive testimony of your visit to amazing Sri Lanka!

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