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October 24, 2021by Ajantha Lakmal0

Aromatic History

 ‘Sweet Cinnamon of Ceylon’ dates back to 2800 BC when the global powers in the ancient world were obsessed with it. Conquerors, queens, emperors, travellers, explorers and merchants covetously followed its magical aroma-trail to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) charmed by it.

The Making of a Magical Spice

In the Cinnamon family, the highest grade cinnamon the world craves comes from Ceylon Cinnamon – Cinnamomum zeylanicum, a tree native to the island. It holds premium sovereignty, producing the finest Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, of the world. It might interest you to learn just how Sri Lanka became the best, highest-grade cinnamon producer on the planet, acquiring a lasting reputation in the global market due to its unique quality, flavour, aroma and colour.

Galle’s geography can be one decisive factor for Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’s uniqueness in flavour and fragrance, considering its altitude, topsoil, climate and most exclusively the ocean breeze that literally embraces the Cinnamon plantation in Galle, throughout its lifecycle.

The traditional modus operandi of this Cinnamon plantation gives latitude to nature’s own process, in inculcating therapeutic value to every part of the cinnamon plant. The unique art and the science of processing and curing of cinnamon, a skill handed down from generation to generation, induces its distinctive characteristic flavour.

All these contributing factors have brought about a benchmark product rich in quality, therapeutic value and aroma, classifying Pure Ceylon Cinnamon in an iconic, incomparable premium-class of its own. 260

Creating Global Demand

‘Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’ of Sri Lankan origin, referred to as ‘true cinnamon’ has been established as a truly unique global brand. Grown and manufactured solely in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Cinnamon confines itself to four grades with specific standards, lengths and diameters namely Continental, Mexican Hamburg and Alba – the most expensive (6mm diameter quill). Sri Lanka also produces and exports value-added Ceylon Cinnamon products of oil, powder and tablets to many countries meeting growing global demands.

Being the world’s largest producer and exporter of Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, Sri Lanka dominates 90% of the global market share. Cinnamon being the most significant and valuable spice produced in Sri Lanka, it has captured giant global markets of USA and Mexico and holds sway Columbia, Ecuador, Spain, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Guatemala as committed markets.


The Spice of Life

Due to the unique flavour, quality aroma and colour Pure Ceylon Cinnamon has tickled the taste buds of global connoisseurs. With a high component of antioxidants, Pure Ceylon Cinnamon is considered a product of overall health that has become a must-have ingredient in everyday cooking globally.

Mexico uses it in chocolates, Asians, in their curry and the Americans, in their bakes. Desserts, spicy candies, tea, hot chocolate and liqueur have their distinctive flavour and aroma because of it. Your perfume and exotic gifts won’t smell so good without it. Global cosmetics and pharmaceutical products use it for many ‘good’ reasons. Natural ingredient with therapeutic value is healthier and preferred over the synthetic counterparts that create health hazards. Clearly, Pure Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka has set a global benchmark.

When you visit Sri Lanka, experience an enchanting walk through perfumed glades of a Cinnamon Estates in Galle, with active Cinnamon production processes and authentic traditional practices. Don’t forget to take home genuine flavour-fresh products to remember your ‘Pure Cinnamon Experience!’

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