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October 24, 2021by Ajantha Lakmal0

There are quite a few eco-friendly model cinnamon estates in Galle owned by Sri Lankans and some British planters. Today they manage these estates systematically fusing modern technology with traditional Sri Lankan techniques to retain the flavour and authenticity.

They have employed the community in the area as work-hands who have generations of practical knowledge in cinnamon plantations. They apply their know-how, dexterity and capacity to output an authentic product of great flavour and value.

The management of these estates skillfully adopts global networking expertise to widen marketing prospects for the world’s most sought-after spice – Ceylon Cinnamon.

The Idyllic Location

With close proximity to the main road, along the shoreline, which stretches from Galle town past Weligama Bay, Ahangama and up to in the Galle District borderline, there are working cinnamon estates dotting the landscape. In fact, Galle District is ‘Cinnamon country’. Its coastline which is a valley suddenly escalates into highlands hardly a kilometre from the sea. This magnificent elevation is ideal fertile land for Ceylon Cinnamon growing on the steep slopes of hilly highlands, surrounded by lush jungles.


The Natural Process

Most working cinnamon estates conduct guided tours for visitors covering all aspects of their operations in an appealing informative and fun tour around their estate and factory premises.

The tour includes the nursery, the plantation, traditional peeling hut and the oil distillery. While explaining the history of Ceylon Cinnamon, the tour covers cinnamon planting, harvesting, peeling and quill preparation.

This tour will demonstrate the eco-friendly and self-sustaining farming process where every part of this cinnamon plant is either used or recycled. The best and the most interesting part of the Ceylon Cinnamon story is that the end products are completely natural, offering health-giving results.


What You Will Experience

To extract Pure Cinnamon Leaf-Oil these factories have built an artisan distillery that follows age-old traditional operational techniques aided by modern technology. Leaf bundling and the entire process of steam-extraction of leaf oil are very special tasks that will be demonstrated to visitors.

You are bound to be stunned by the story of the utility value of this versatile essential oil. Its uses are multifarious. You will be happy that there is an opportunity to access these authentic cinnamon products at most farm shops on their very premises.

The tour will be led by an English-speaking estate officer and some tours incorporate a bumpy tractor and trailer ride along with green paddy fields or even a short walk. The whole tour may last around one hour or less. Both adults and children find this tour absorbing, interesting and enjoyable.

Special Value-added Tours

Some cinnamon estates organize special tours designed specifically on request, for couples, families and large private groups of visitors. The coverage on this tour in some estates includes a visit to the planter’s bungalow for a meal or tea. This tour is intended to educate guests about Ceylon Cinnamon and an outlook on the life of a (local or expatriate) cinnamon planter in Sri Lanka.

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